EarlyLight Web Solutions, Management Consulting and Free E-Postcards. With more than eighteen years of experience in business analysis and over seven years of experience in Web, Earlylight can help you with your Web site quandary.

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Earlylight - Web Solutions, Management Consulting and Free E-Postcards

Earlylight specializes in creating affordable custom Web sites.

The Earlylight team provides:

  • Management / Project Consultations
  • Internet Project Management
  • Technical Specifications
  • Web Design
  • E-commerce solutions
  • User Interface Design
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Database design/conversion/population
  • Programming
  • Maintenance
  • Flash / multimedia presentations
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Copy Writing
  • Updates / redesign of existing sites

Already have graphics or a look you love? Earlylight will work with your existing media, by:

  • Optimizing your prepared materials and repurposing them for Web use
  • Bringing your existing branding materials to the Web site
  • Ppreparing Web templates for your content - modular for easy design updates
  • Providing Web pages that match your layouts and sketches
  • Working within your existing flow chart

How does it all work?

Phase I:

Site Goals
Earlylight meets with you, the Client, with the initial meeting confined to determining the plans and objectives of the site, as well as obtaining a general view of the Client's Web site vision.

Needs Assessment
Even the simplest site has some very basic needs:

  • a place to be (Web server)
  • a URL or Address - such as www.earlylight.com
  • something to say / something to sell
  • some kind of graphic design
  • some way to interact with the viewing public

Earlylight works with you in brainstorming sessions (sometimes, these are held entirely via e-mail) to identify the base requirements and special features for the Site.

Phase II:

Program Specifications
Once the plans, objectives and requirements have been verbally confirmed, we document the desired features. Often some custom programming will be required in order to provide the necessary functionality. In those cases, an in-depth interview with you then results in a documented feature request.

Workflow / Storyboard
We prepare estimates of the work to be done - usually with a few options, so as to provide a more flexible structure and pricing. There may be some custom programming necessary in order to accomplish the Site goals. At this time, in very general terms, we discuss possible work flow and storyboard the site.

Site Specifications and Contract
Based upon the work flow and requirements, we prepare detailed specifications and provide a contract, which will be signed by you as well as the members of the Earlylight team.

Phase III:

At this point, Earlylight prepares various "views" based on the above information, and works with you and the other members of the Earlylight team to prepare previews / demos of the site as it can be. Reiterative demo sites, based upon your feedback, are prepared.

Also at this point, the functionality is created and also is presented to you, with reiterative views until you are satisfied with the workings of the site.

Assembly and Testing
One of the most exciting portions of Web site creation is when it is all put together - when all the functionality is integrated with the design, and testing begins. Earlylight is very detail-oriented when it comes to testing, and we're not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Phase IV:

Even more exciting than the assembly is the Web site launch. This is when all the hard work pays off! People are able to use the site, and Earlylight helps with the promotion of the site by listing it with the DMOZ (Open Directory Project) to ensure that your site is in its appropriate category on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! AOLSearch, Lycos and others.

You are then encouraged to make sure that the site address (URL) is on every piece of marketing material. After all, you have just created a way for people to get information about your business, your marketing material will send people to the site to view that information.

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