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Castle Morgendämmerung

Indeed, thou art most heartily welcomed to Castle Morgendämmerung, home of that entity sometimes known as Py.

Albeit she may not presently be about, thou art nonetheless encouraged to stay awhile and chat, fence on the grounds, stroll about and listen to music.

By navigating further down this section, thou shalt find a list of other places within Py's realm. All are lovely, and some most useful.

Even the Castle itself is made up of secret passages to mysterious places... have a care, however: Some of the places accessed via the castle will lead thee beyond Py's playground, and thou mayest find thyself somewhere quite unexpected...

If you have enabled a midi player, and are not hearing the music, click controls below to hear "The King of Denmark's Galiard" by John Dowland (1562-1626)

<bgsound src="/midi/tking.mid" loop=2>

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