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Virtual Places Links:

Editrix's Sanctuary

Editrix's Sanctuary -- Home of the author's chat, the literature chat, and our friend, Editrix, too!

Guild of Avatar Creators

Devalin, The Master of avatar-making, has created yet another essential site for VPers. Stop by for your daily VP news as well as locating that "just perfect" avatar.

The Elf's Castle

The Elf's home on the web - includes links to many castle sites -- a truly magical place, indeed.

Wyvern's Lair

Lair of the Wyvern -- Links to poetry, chatrooms, and some of the best (and first!) paired avatars and special tourbusses, as well as some interesting games.

The Q's VP Chat

VPChat -- The Q's ever-growing collection of Chatrooms, Avatars, Gestures and links. One of the largest Virtual Places Resource Sites on the Net, with over sixty pages of VP-specific resources.

CyberDodge City

CyberDodge City -- The Old West, on the Web. A complete themed VP environment.

A Virtual TeddyBear Picnic

Fancy yourself a teddy-bear in some previous lifetime? Visit this fun site, and check out the avatar links, while you're there!

Clockman's Coolstuff Chatrooms and links

Clockman's Coolstuff Chatroom and Links -- Everything from Art to Website Authoring, including the Live Avatar Painting Studio. Includes links to the Shockwave "Poetry In Motion" site.

Gestures by klaws

Gestures by Klaws -- Some of the best-loved gestures in VP came from this site (like the Pink Floyd "zzzzzzzzing" gesture, and the "whipzzzz" gesture)... Visit Klaws at Toadaway. Chatroom and links too.

Nicki's Avatars

Avatars by Nicki -- Our Nicki has so many avatars, she has more than one place to put them... come and see what she's done now, and pick up a new face while you're at it! Amazingly good quality avatars (accept no substitutes!).

SateenRose's Java Stream

A Java "Lake" applet with a lovely, peaceful stream in which to go swimming.

Kristi's Korner

This page - by our friend kris - just keeps getting better - featuring cool music and links.

Goliath's Place

This one, by one of my "virtual sons" claims to be a "place with no focus" - he says he's cleaning his room...

Enter the realm of the UnEarthly Artificer

Mathematically rendered have to go here to believe...(wonderful LARGE images).

Lincarlo and Friends

A page of friends building things together. I miss you, post-hosties!

Pescifish's castaic power place

A Wonderful place to rest and watch the waves on the lake...


What can we say about our friend Bri? He's always got a smile on his face, and so will you when you visit!

Personal Favorites:

Michael Partington's Gallery

Surrealism something you've always wanted in a website? Visit Mr. Partington's Online Gallery to see some of his fine art and award-winning pieces. Music for the eyes...

insane's insanitorium

One of my old v.p. friend's personal pages - former home of the Panama Page and the Beastsoother... soon to change into still something else, assuredly equally useful...

Rose Garden of the Philosophers

This site combines two of my special favorites: Roses and Philosophy. Wander through the gardens, and ponder, if you will...

Enchanted Gardens of the Renaissance

This one takes you on a Virtual Tour of three Renaissance gardens (you don't even have to get your shoes on!).

More Favorites:

Poetry In Motion

Discovery Channel Online

The Fencing Post

Classical MIDI Archives

Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America

Steeleye Span Songs

Renaissance Dance Cheat Sheets

How to make an Elizabethan Corset

17th Century Stays - How to make them

Corsets from Lord & Taylor, 1881

Victoriana Directory, Corsets

The History of Costume by Braun & Scheider

Brian Yoder's Gallery of Paintings

E N T R O P Y 8


Tribute to the Lakota Sioux

Kathie's Garden Herbs

Vegetarian Link

FREE Internet Greeting Cards, FREE Post Cards, FREE Cyber Gifts, FREE Cyber Food!

National Park Service

The Resources Agency

My Heart

PI Entrance


The Uselessness of Pi and its irrational friends

Mind Reading Markup Language (MRML)

Faerie Lore and Literature


Episodic Ataxia Page

National Brain Tumor Foundation

ABTA Home Page

Oncolink - on Brain Tumors

Oncolink - Confronting Cancer through Art

Brain Tumors in Adults

Al Musella's List Of Clinical Trials and Noteworthy Treatments for Brain Tumors

Brain Tumor Virtual Clinical Trials (Ver. 1.5)

Brain Tumor Resource Addresses

Sarah's Page - with Links for Down Syndrome and Inclusion

Jeremy's Page - with Links for Meningitis, Hearing Loss and Auditory Training

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