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Postcards at Earlylight

Sometimes there just aren't enough words to say what we really mean - so we created some Postcards at Earlylight. Please feel free to sample, and send a card or two to those folks you never quite catch up with in this busy world of ours. Even though they're free, an Earlylight e-card is still worth a thousand words.

Who runs Earlylight?

Earlylight is the brainchild of Dawn Bauleke. This site has been up in various guises since early October of 1997 - and Dawn has been designing Web sites since early 1996. For most of that time, this site has been running as a free e-card service as well as a community "launch page" for the Virtual Places chat program. Dawn continues as the Webmaster for a publicly-held international staffing agency as "the day job"

Dawn Bauleke

Dawn has been in the computer industry under various aspects for much of her working life - from those early years of stuffing printed circuit boards to her present role on the technical staff for an international staffing agency.

During much of that time, Dawn worked with and coordinated the work of other analysts and programmers, aiding in the specification, development, testing and training aspects of various systems - ranging from a front-end product for a computer leasing company to full ERP installations.

First and foremost, Dawn remembers what it is like to be a user. It's true that only the person who uses the tool really knows what it should be and how it should work. Having spent a lot of her work life in the Finance arena, Dawn truly pays attention to the details of usability and functionality - key aspects to any product.


There's an artistic side to Dawn, as well. Using the Painter graphic program (originally by Fractal Design, then MetaCreations, now Corel) and a Wacom digitizing tablet, Dawn often stays up into the wee hours of the night painting directly into the computer. Her digital paintings have appeared in the MetaCreations company calendar as well as in gallery showings. Some of them appear on this site, as well (check out the Postcards, for instance).

Her real love, though, is Web. Through the Web, Dawn can combine her analytic aspects with her artistic nature, and in gathering the requirements and matching them to the talents of various independent "web-heads", achieves a true sense of fulfillment.

And the best part of all: creating a site that is the right "fit", and meets the needs of the client.

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