EarlyLight Digital Art and Paintings

The images in this gallery were all created digitally,
using Fractal Dabbler, Fractal Painter, or Bryce3D,
and exported into .jpg and .gif format using Ulead SmartSaver.   
The images are copyrighted 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 by the artist.
All or portions may not be used without prior permission.   
All rights are reserved.

Anniversary Roses
Anniversary (77K)
Botanical Illustration
Botanical (71K)
Emerged (71K)
My Son as a Baby
My Baby (17K)
The Bear in My Life
Murph the Bear (18K)
Flowers from my Best Friends
The Bouquet (93K)
World on a String
World on a String (26K)
Fire & Ice
Fire and Ice Rose (69K)
Jasmine (68K)
Mr. Lincoln Tea Rose
Mr. Lincoln Tea Rose (49K)
Joseph's Coat Roses
Joseph's Coat Roses (46K)
Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose (57K)
The Point Is...
The Point (66K)
Hand (67K)
On the Other Hand...
The Other Hand (48K)
Rosebud (57K)
Tropicana Roses
Tropicana Rose (54K)
Iris (43K)
The Peasant (39K)
Red, Red Rose
Red, Red Rose (56K)
A Boy's Dad
Boy's Dad (26K)
Even Trees Leave
The Tree (108.8K)
Early Light
Early Light(86K)
Flying Dreams
Flying Dreams(91K)
The Goal
Goals (89K)
The Future
Future (80K)

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